Debt Restructuring Ireland

Debt Restructuring in Ireland

Beacon Capital have unrivalled debt restructuring experience in the Irish market. Our key executives have had exposure to a substantial number of different debt work outs and understand what can realistically be achieved through negotiation with creditors.


Debt Restructuring For SME’s

Beacon Capital is focused on complex debt restructuring. We specialise in working with small and medium enterprises with debts in excess of €1m.


Debt Refinancing

In many cases refinancing is the most effective method of restructuring a debt, especially when there is a problematic history between the debtor and their creditors.


Access To Funding

Beacon Capital is very well networked. We have access to over €200m of funding through a wide array of funding syndicates, high net worth individuals, and other bespoke funds.

Examples of Debt Restructuring

Every situation is different and each person will have different requirements depending on their age profile, amount of debt, type of debt, and who their main creditors are. We tailor our solutions around your specific needs. We have deep experience of the Irish debt market both at a personal and with corporate debt restructuring. Here are some typical examples of the kind of solutions we have negotiated on behalf of our clients.

Debt Buy-Back

A pub in North Dublin with €3m of debt and annual interest payments of €207,000. The debt had been sold to an international fund for €900,000. The debt was bought from the fund for €1.25m and financed by the publican and a funding syndicate Beacon Capital put together. Personal guarantees were written off and the annual interest reduced to €100,000. Read More

Informal Debt Restructure

A couple in their late 50’s with a property portfolio bought during the Celtic Tiger years. Total debt of €6m against assets of €1.5m and no income since their business closed. Voluntary surrender of the business properties plus a lump sum payment raised from a pension and family member left the couple with their home debt free. Read More

Formal Arrangement

A company director with negative equity of €799,000 from the sale of three properties and other unsecured debts of €50,000. Utilising a Personal Insolvency Arrangement (PIA) the debtor was able to offer creditors a lump sum to write off €649,000 of debt. The paperwork was completed in 3 months after which the debtor exited the PIA. Read More

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