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Settlement Finance in Ireland

Beacon Capital arranges settlement finance in Ireland. We specialise in negotiating and financing the restructuring of debt positions including commercial and residential property buy-back from hedge funds and private equity funds.

The Beacon Capital team has unrivalled experience in providing debt settlement solutions in Ireland. In 2015, we established a range of alternative funding sources for this purpose. We can quickly assess your requirements and match these with the appropriate commercial loan to exit your existing loan, often with a substantial debt write down.

We target the €1m to €10m loan space and our range of funding sources are happy to cover office, retail, industrial and residential properties.

We know the settlement finance market in Ireland intimately and can quickly match you with a lender who will be interested in providing you with flexible finance at competitive rates.

Traditional banks can be slow to provide approval, have restrictive lending criteria and over-selective in their approach to settlement loans. Our alternative refinancing solutions are less restricted by prescribed criteria and are faster to bring to completion.


Recent Settlement Finance Examples

Hedge Fund Buy-Back:  €1.2m in senior debt on a 5 year term loan to refinance 3 office/industrial units in the Midlands. Partialy owner-occupied and partially rented out. This settlement loan facilitated a €3.7m write-off from the original lender.

Investment Portfolio:  €2m in senior debt on a 5 year term loan facility to refinance a portfolio of commercial and residential assets in central Dublin.


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